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Support Resources Description
The East Timor Human Rights Centre (ETHRC)
link currently broken
The Timor Human Rights Centre was established in 1995 in Melbourne, Australia, in order to meet the urgent need to protect and promote the human rights of the East Timorese people."
East Timor Campaign "We hope to call attention to the necessity of self-determination and independence of the people of Timor, oppressed and violated for decades by the government of indonesia. We hope you give your full attention to this historical step towards freedom, we ask that you help us fight the tyranny of Indonesia occupating Timor. "
East Timor Ireland Solidarity Campaign "Welcome to the East Timor Ireland Solidarity Campaign"
link currently broken
Comissao para os Direitos do Povo Maubere
Canadian Forces College Information Resource Centre, Canadian Forces College "Links of documents on modern conflicts (East Timor)."
East Timor Action Network/Colorado "Working to change US foreign policy and raise public awareness to support self-determination for East Timor."
ETAN - East Timor Alert Network - Canada "The East Timor Alert Network (ETAN) is coordinated by a national steering committee of volunteers, and has offices or contact persons in most Canadian cities."

Canada's government and corporations support Suharto's regime, but Canadian people, churches, trade unions, women's groups, students and teachers are organizing to change this.

Visit the Canadian East Timor Alert Network's web site for information on our solidarity work for East Timor and Indonesia.
East Timor "Welcome to the first ever website with East Timor Graphics."
(East Timor from the Inside) "Brown student recounts his life as a freedom fighter."
East Timor Information Pages
link currently broken
In 1975, Indonesia invaded East-Timor. Almost 20 years after theinvasion, an estimate of nearly 300,000 East-Timorese have been murdered or starved to death by the occupation army. In this server you can find documents and news items that tell you the story... "
AdmiNet - East Timor "Links, Government, Political, Cities & Towns, Agriculture."
Community Aid Abroad "An Agenda for Action for a lasting and peaceful resolution to conflict in East Timor."
East Timor - 20 Years! "East Timor, formerly a Portuguese colony, is located 650 km northwest of Darwin, Australia. On 7 December 1975, after nine days of independence, East Timor was invaded and occupied by Indonesia. Amnesty International has estimated that 200,000 people have died as a direct result of the Indonesian occupation."
Central Conference of American Rabbis - CCAR "Resolution Adopted by the CCAR EAST TIMOR Adopted by the 108th Annual Convention of the Central Conference of American Rabbis June, 1997"
ASIET Action in solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor."
Stop the Hawk Deal
link currently broken
"Stop the Hawk Deal is a small, but active, group based in Manchester, England, and is a founding member of the Stop the Hawks - No Arms to Indonesia" coalition. The group aims to stop the delivery of 24 British Aerospace Hawk jets to Indonesia, and to raise the public awareness of the plight of the East Timorese."
British Aerospace Campaign
link currently broken
"Welcome to the British Aerospace Campaign. We aim to bring about the conversion of British Aerospace from Europe's largest weapons exporter to Europe's largest socially productive company."
East Timor: the story so far.
link currently broken
"Fade in to clear water lapping tropical sand. On the horizon a Portuguese ship lumbering towards conquest - and this island's sandlewood. From the beach, from the mountains, a people watch: soon they will begin their long struggle for self-determination."
What's going on in East Timor
link currently broken
What's going on in East Timor
Amnesty International Search Engine Amnesty International Search Engine
Electronic Resources on East Timor
link currently broken
Electronic Resources on East Timor
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For the latest version of this resource list, send a blank email message to timor-info@igc.apc.org

The rapid growth of computer networking is a good match with the renewed activity, information-sharing and internationalism of the East Timor support movement.

There are a number of resources available over the Internet, and more are being added all the time.

Please let us know of any additions or corrections.

East Timor Lists

Further information is available about East Timor in various formats.

The first three lists (alerts, reg.easttimor, and Network News) are maintained manually.
ETAN/US also maintains a postal mailing list (for the newsletter and other mailings), a fax list for alerts, and a phone list. Even if you only wish to receive electronic material, we would appreciate having your postal mailing address, phone and fax numbers.
**Alert list**

For access, contact John M. Miller or Charles Scheiner.
East Timor Action Network/US has a electronic mailing list for action alerts. These alerts deal with lobbying the US government, severe human rights violations and the like. Items are sent as needed, and postings average 1 per month.

For access, contact John M. Miller or Charles Scheiner

Weekly summaries

University of Lisbon

This is a conference (newsgroup) which originates from the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) member networks It contains postings from a wide range of sources, including the National Council of Maubere Resistance (CNRM), ETAN/US, TAPOL, and support groups in Australia, Portugal, Japan, France, Canada, Sweden, England, Ireland, New Zealand and elsewhere.

Reports and translations from wire services and the Indonesian, Portuguese, Australian, British, U.S. and Irish press also regularly appear there, as well as official documents and statements from the U.N., national governments, and other sources.

Postings average 6-10 per day, although the frequency varies with the pace of East Timor-related events. This conference is available by email with read/write access to any Internet address

Virtually all reg.easttimor items, slightly delayed, are readable at the University of Lisbon WWW site,

An abridged, read-only version of reg.easttimor, with an average of two daily postings, is available as e-mail; send an e-mail to receive it.
send email to: almanac@gn.apc.org All four conferences can be queried by email. To get the conference index, send an email (with anything you like in the subject line) and a body like:

send conf_name index e.g.: send tapol.etimor index send reg.westpapua index
**Network News** ETAN/US prepares an electronic version of its newsletter, NETWORK NEWS, which averages eight printed pages. Many prefer the paper version of the newsletter to e-mailed one.

Contact Gopher
ETAN maintains background information, including weekly summaries of reg.easttimor

To access the East Timor information go to gopher and look under "Peace, Human Rights and Social Justice."
University of Lisbon East Timor information in English is on the World-Wide Web at the University of Lisbon

This includes background and current information, and links to many other systems including Gopher.
East Timor culture and history East Timor cultural and historical reference materials
Amnesty International Indonesian & East Timor material is available with background material on their 1994-5 campaign in ftp://ftp.io.org/pub/human-rights/Amnesty/indonesia/
Human rights documents Human rights documents and links.
East Timorese Music To hear some music about East Timor,
Indonesian government comment! what the Indonesia government has to say, try: (Embassy in Ottawa)
Indonesian government comment! Foreign Ministry in Jakarta
**Usenet** The Usenet newsgroup soc.culture.portuguese includes information on East Timor in both Portuguese and English. .
The soc.culture.indonesia discussion of East Timor is mostly flaming debates, with little substantive English-language material not available elsewhere. .
Misc.activism.progressive and soc.rights.human also contain materials. .
mailing lists, SEASIA-L@MSU.EDU
Mailing Lists.. Description
INDONESIA-L This list contain materials, but has little on East Timor in English that does not appear in reg.easttimor.It has a lot of material in Bahasa Indonesia. INDONESIA-L is a private list mediated by apakabar@clark.net
SEASIA-L South East Asia list.
Summary of INDONESIA-L This includes some additional material taken directly from reg.easttimor.
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Other Web Resources

Free East Timor! Free Indonesian political prisoners! Political Prisoners
Indonesian solidarity with East Timor Indonesian support for East Timor
`No surrender!': East Timor guerilla leader .
Artists for East Timor .
Community Aid Abroad: East Timor .
Crackdown continues in East Timor .
East Timor Action .
East Timor and Indonesia solidarity steps up .
East Timor anniversary demonstrations .
East Timor Gopher .
East Timor Human Rights Centre .
East Timor Human Rights Page .
East Timor national day of solidarity (Broken) .
East Timor refugees -- Let them stay (Broken) .
East Timor Religious Outreach (Broken) .
East Timor student sanctuary network launcheed (broken) .
East Timor supporters at NT Expo (Broken) .
East Timor: report from the front line(Broken)
Free East Timor - Fascist Republic of Indonesia .
http://www.uc2E.pt/Timor/atop.html The Obscure History of East Timor.
http://www=2Euc.pt/Timor/parties.html Formation of East-Timorese political associations.
Indonesians support national East Timor day Indonesians support national East Timor day.
Links to Indonesia and East Timor sites .
Loro Sae - Timor Home Page .
National Geographic Maps containing East Timor: 1975 and 1996. .
Seattle demo in support of East Timor. .
Speak Out: Constancio Pinto Independence and Human Rights in East Timor.
Student delegation returns from East Timor On February 20, a delegation of six students from the University of Melbourne returned from a 10-day trip to build links between students in Australia and East Timor.
Support grows for August 25 East Timor day Several student organisations have come behind the campaign to build the August 25 national day of solidarity with East Timor.
Toxyn @ East Timor Campaign .
University delegation in East Timor A meeting between East Timorese guerilla leader David Alex and a delegation of Melbourne students in February was filmed by University Students for East Timor (USET).
URGENT ACTION ALERT INDONESIA: East Timor Disappearance 17 Apr 1997 .
Free East Timor Icon .
Indonesia and East Timor .
East Timor bishop wins human rights award Bishop Carlos Belo has won a prestigious international award for his promotion of human rights and reconciliation in war-torn East Timor.
For a free East Timor and democracy in Indonesia More than 500 protesters greeted guests arriving at the Indonesian consulate in Melbourne for the Indonesian independence day celebrations on August 17.
East Timor Information Pages .
Delegate to East Timor conference still missing New Zealand Press Report.
Fighting Together Indonesians and East Timorese join in struggle.
More sponsors for August 25 East Timor day On April 23, Indonesian scholar Dr George Aditjondro announced that he would be a sponsor of the August 25 national day of solidarity to demand withdrawal of Australia's formal recognition of Indonesia's annexation of East Timor.
John Pilger speaks on East Timor .
Brisbane speakers demand freedom for East Timor ASIET (Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor) hosted a forum at the Resistance Centre on February 29 on "East Timor and Australian foreign policy".
University initiative on East Timor The largest ever public education conference on East Timor will be held June 21-24, sponsored by the University of Sydney (School of Asian Studies), University of New South Wales (Centre for Human Rights) and University of Technology, Sydney (Institute for International Studies), together with Oporto University in Portugal.
East Timor: 200,000 rally for freedom The strength of East Timorese support for Bishop Belo against his Indonesian attackers was clearly manifested between November 12 and 15 during several days of peaceful demonstrations in Dili.
The Tragedy that is East Timor East Timor - The Hidden Story.
Bishop Belo of East Timor Honoured .
East Timor: The Land and Its People Originally published by the Indonesian Department of Foreign Affairs in 1992.
QUB States of Emergency - East Timor .
Seeds of Hope - East Timor Ploughshares - Women Disarming for Life and Justice In a surprise verdict, four British women were acquitted in late July of plotting to damage a Hawk jet fighter bound for Indonesia.
An Australian MP This page has been set up by Victor Perton MP to provide reasonable access to papers and hotlinks relating to human rights.
W3C/TimorNet. An Information Service on East Timor The World-Wide Web Virtual Library.
The plight of women in East Timor .
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